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Setting Your Stage for Success

Whether you want to welcome your guest to the show, offer a free box of popcorn with purchase of a drink or sell merchandise at the game, our integrated platform creates more entertainment for visitors when they attend your event.

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Survey respondents report responding to a text offer. Source: Marketingcharts.com
Sports facilities surveyed in the 2015 State of the Stadium Mobile Sports Report said they are currently using beacon technology. Source: S.E.A.T. 2015 State of the Stadium Mobile Sports Report


With different needs, wants and expectations throughout the customer lifecycle, shoppers are constantly interacting with your product or brand at a time of different need stats. Through our engagement platform, we create a variety of opportunities and methods to attract and entertain your shoppers.

Our platform entices and rewards. It empowers, measures, analyzes and optimizes so your messaging, offers and communication plans work harder, better and more efficiently.


Educate and inform your shoppers before they event begins. Doing so, allows you to spend your efforts reinforcing existing communications instead of trying to introduce new ones. Awareness methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Paid Media and Earned Media (Press, Social Media)
  • Concessions Packaging
  • Buttons
  • Pre-Roll Movie Footage
  • T-shirts


Move your shoppers to act with different promotions, deals and discounts. We provide the tools to help them take the next step. Some forms of activation include:


There are countless ways to engage with your shopper. Your product, event or location can offer custom content that can increase visits, purchases and brand affinity. Some types of engagement include:

  • Events, Promotions, Deals
  • Contests and Sweepstakes
  • In-theater beacon notifications
  • NFC chips on exhibits in museums and zoos
  • Video tours of greens and fairways


Define your metrics of success based on your specific needs, engagements and expectations. These measurements will guide both your efforts and ours as we attract more of your shopper’s mindset. Conversion metrics can include:

  • Product Purchase
  • Coupon Redemption
  • App Downloads
  • Contest Entries


Identify brand champions and give them the opportunity and ability to share their stories and good will. Harness their influence and promote your brand in more meaningful ways.

  • Social Sharing
  • Preferred Customer Messaging and Incentives


With the ability to analyze adoption, interaction and engagement, brands and retailers have the opportunity to better understand and more accurately profile their customers. This level of understanding allows for more specific, highly targeted messaging that reduces waste and inefficiency. Some means of analysis include:

  • Frequency of visit
  • Average spend per visit
  • Engagement Rates by Communication Channel

Key Benefits

Optimize offers

Incentivize purchases

Create customized experiences

Of the sports facilities utilizing beacon technology, 82.8% are using it for targeted marketing, 62.1% are using it for location-based concessions/merchandise discounts and 31% use it for wayfinding.

S.E.A.T. 2015 State of the Stadium Mobile Sports Report

50 percent of survey respondents report responding to a text offer. Of that same group, 32 percent have scanned a coupon via a QR code.


48.8% of sports facilities surveyed in the 2015 State of the Stadium Mobile Sports Report said they are currently using beacon technology and 37.2% are evaluating beacon technology

S.E.A.T. 2015 State of the Stadium Mobile Sports Report


Increase Sales, Guest Frequency, And Gain Valuable Shopper Data And Insight, Influence Purchase Behavior.