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Engagement Comes Standard

Help your shopper through every stage of the purchasing journey and increase purchase intent. Offer reviews and vehicle specifications. Highlight savings through dealer rebates. Showcase options, compare models and more.

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Auto shoppers researched and shopped online while at a dealership. Source: Insights
Auto shoppers visited additional dealerships due to information found on their mobile device while considering a vehicle right in front of them. Source: Insights


From their first engagement with a car, dealership or salesman to the analysis done after they drive off the lot, shoppers make a lot of stops along the customer journey. We build opportunities along this journey to engage and reinforce the purchase decision.

With the help of our engagement platform, car shoppers have more value and more information at their fingertips — allowing your messaging, offers and communication plans work harder, better and more efficiently.


Educate and inform your shoppers before they step onto the lot. Build interest and intrigue and complement existing communications in the marketplace. Awareness methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Paid Media and Earned Media (Press, Social Media)
  • Employee-to-Customer Communication
  • Signage and Displays
  • On-Car Window Cling


Drive your shoppers to act with confidence. Give them the tools to solidify their purchase decision in unique and unexpected ways. Some forms of activation include:


Add value by entertaining, educating and informing. Content can be a valuable tool in extending the reach of your message, offering and products. Some types of engagement include:

  • Events, Promotions, Deals
  • Contests and Sweepstakes
  • Vehicle History Reports
  • Videos about Service Staff
  • Dealer Locations


Define your metrics of success based on your specific needs, engagements and expectations. These measurements will guide both your efforts and ours as we attract more of your shopper’s mindset. Conversion metrics can include:

  • Car Purchase
  • Additional Options/Plans Purchased
  • App Downloads
  • Contest Entries


Identify brand champions and give them the opportunity and ability to share their stories and good will. Harness their influence and promote your brand in more meaningful ways.

  • Social Sharing
  • Preferred Customer Messaging and Incentives


With the ability to analyze adoption, interaction and engagement, brands and retailers have the opportunity to better understand and more accurately profile their customers. This level of understanding allows for more specific, highly targeted messaging that reduces waste and inefficiency. Some means of analysis include:

  • Make, model and year preference
  • Engagement Rates by Communication Channel

Key Benefits

Promote deals & discounts

Increase conversions

Improve customer service

Fifty-one percent of auto shoppers used a mobile device to seek information related to price, payments and offers, while 29% checked inventory and 17% read vehicle or dealer reviews. Insights

Automotive shoppers using a mobile device on the lot are 72% more likely to visit additional dealerships. Insights


Increase sales, gain valuable shopper data and insight, influence purchase behavior.