What are QR Codes?

Quick Response or “QR” codes were designed to be an easy and versatile way to connect people with product information by using a QR code reader app which are readily available today.

When scanned, QR codes may prompt the user to call a particular number, send an SMS text, play a video, download an app or most commonly, to connect to a URL depending on the publisher’s objective. No matter what the prompt, your mobile device will automatically know which application to use to open the embedded content. Due to it’s versatility, the possible use cases for QR are virtually endless – particularly for increasing brand engagement and driving purchase behaviors.

What else do I need to know?

QR codes, when deployed well, can be a very cost effective and efficient way to connect with consumers.

When building your custom mobile microsite on the KIOSentrix mobile engagement platform, a unique QR code can be generated to affix to display materials to invite brand activation.

QR codes are capable of being read from any direction (top, side or bottom up), and can carry more data than traditional barcodes using just a fraction of the space. We recommend making them highly visible where they’ll make the most impact — either directly on product packaging or on POP signage and displays.

So what next?

QR Codes are just one of many mobile activation methods that you can deploy using our integrated mobile engagement platform. By offering multiple intercept methods, you will reach a much broader range of people. Our platform not only supports QR Codes, but you can (and should) also utilize short codes, beacons, and NFC.

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