1. Which mobile devices are compatible with NFC?

  • Currently NFC is only supported by Android OS. Although NFC technology is already built into most current iPhone devices, Apple has not yet opened up the technology to third parties.

2. When will Apple open up the NFC technology in iPhones?

  • No one can say for sure, but the industry as a whole believes that it should be sometime in the near future. What we do know, is that most Apple iPhones already have NFC technology built into them, so the technology is already in place. All Apple needs to do is just make the decision to open it up to third parties. Another good indicator, that Apple will open up this technology soon is that Apple joined the NFC Forum in August 2015 and also sits on the Board of Directors.

3. Which activation methods should I use?

  • By utilizing multiple activation methods, you can reach a much broader range of people. Our philosophy is that it doesn’t matter how people initially activate, it just matters that they do! Therefore, we recommend deploying all activation methods whenever possible. Otherwise, consider each activation method’s pros and cons to determine which one/s should be used to reach your particular demographic based on your specific use case.

4. Which mobile devices are compatible with beacons?

  • Technically, all Bluetooth Smart-enabled devices can pick up Bluetooth Low Energy signals.

5. Do you offer agency services such as creative content?

  • This is not part of our standard offering, but we may be able to help with strategic or creative consulting on a case-by-case basis as needed. Additional fees may apply.

6. What file types does your platform support for creative content?

  • The file types that are accepted are PNG, JPG/JPEG, and GIF static or animated in web format.

7. Can I white label your platform?

  • Yes! Once on board with Blue Calypso, you will be able to brand your account to give you and your users a more customized experience.

8. Do users need an application installed on their mobile device to receive beacon notifications?

  • In order for beacons to work, they do require an app to listen for them.

9. Does the user need to have the app open for the beacon to work?

  • No, the app just needs to be downloaded. Once it is downloaded and set to listen for beacons, the app can run in the background or even be turned off and still receive beacon signals.

10. What if I already have an app?

  • If you already have an app, we can easily program your app to listen for beacons through our open API. Beacons are actually a great way to increase your current app adoption and usage!

11. What if I do not have an app, how can beacons work for me?

  • Don’t worry! Creating a mobile app does not have to be as expensive and time consuming as you imagine. If you don’t have an app and think you need one, we can quickly “wrap” your existing mobile responsive website and turn it into an app for IOS and Android. We handle all posting and management to app stores and now you have an app that you can promote that will allow for beacon triggered messages, in-app messaging and in-store alerts!

12. What is the range of the beacons?

  • Up to 150ft omnidirectional.

13. What type of weather can Blue Calypso beacons withstand?

  • Our current beacons are for indoor use only.

14. What kind of use cases exist for leveraging beacons, NFC, QR code or SMS within my mobile strategy?

  • The possibilities are endless! Please visit our Case Studies page to see real-world examples of how companies have used our solution.

15. How can I prevent mobile coupon fraud?

  • With Blue Calypso’s mobile coupon capabilities, the coupon is always delivered to a known ID (e.g. a cell phone number or email address you can get by asking them to fill out a form to send the coupon).
  • You can limit the overall # of redemptions and also limit the # of redemptions per user.
  • Blue Calypso will render the coupon code and barcode display with a unique serial number and a spinning “valid” animation for visual validation preventing screen shots.

16. Will POS systems be able to scan the mobile coupons from users’ phones?

  • Depending on the scanners used, some may be able to scan directly from your mobile device screen while others may not. In that scenario, employees can be easily trained to look for the moving graphic visual validation and simply enter in the unique serial #.

17. How are your beacons powered?

  • Plug our beacons into any power source and instantly connect with consumers that have your app when they come within range. Our AC powered beacons can be deployed in a “set it and forget it” mode with a very low rate of failure, unlike battery operated beacons which run the risk of dying rendering your mobile engagement strategy ineffective until the failed beacon is found and replaced.