“Taco Intervention” Drives 47% conversion rate

The Challenge

Recently, competitor Taco Bell was publicly targeted as serving tacos that contained little, if any, actual beef. To proactively offset a “guilt by association” impact of a negative consumers opinion of their own menu items, as well as to take advantage of luring dissatisfied Taco Bell patrons, Taco Bueno developed a traditional television, radio and print media campaign that focused on their quality taco meat.

In addition to traditional media channels, Taco Bueno wanted to leverage the social media networks of their advocates to help spread the word about their taco offerings to a larger audience through word-of-mouth and viral advertising.

Our Solutions

Using the SOCIALECHO solution, Blue Calypso incorporated the advertising agency’s creative content when developing a customized Taco Bueno-branded microsite. This microsite was designed to highlight the “Taco Intervention” advertising campaign, while enabling and encouraging advocates of Taco Bueno to share the promotional incentive within their social communities, thereby, amplifying the message through word of mouth marketing.

Once the microsite was established, Taco Bueno then invited their advocates via email to visit the site, in order to receive a coupon for a free beef taco. Additionally, Taco Bueno advertised the Taco Intervention promotion and website in point of purchase advertising within their stores, which drove a greater level of visitors to the microsite.

Visitors who reached the microsite received their free beef taco coupon when they shared a message about Taco Bueno to their chosen social media channels. SOCIALECHO’s one-click sharing allowed advocates to simplify the social sharing process.

Once the sharing was completed, the advocate was automatically returned to a pop-up screen that asked them to provide contact information and to select their preferred choice of receiving their free taco coupon – either via email or text. The choice of how to receive the coupon enabled customers to more easily retrieve and redeem their coupons in-store, while the customer data obtained allows Taco Bueno with an opportunity to include these clients in future marketing initiatives and promotions.


Coupons Request vs. Redemption

Total Engagements with Content

Over the two month period, the Blue Calypso-driven SOCIALECHO social media amplification campaign resulted in “fans” sharing the offer via social media with their friends.

The campaign proved the concept that true advocates of a brand will offer up their social media communities in exchange for something they see as real value. To this point, sharing did extend the traditional media reach, and developed new advocates for Taco Bueno.

47% of those who requested a free taco coupon actually redeemed it in a Taco Bueno restaurant, whereas typical restaurant coupon redemption rate through traditional distribution runs between 1% and 3%. Therefore, with SOCIALECHO, Taco Bueno’s coupon redemption rates were about 4,600% higher than traditional coupon distribution methods!

Taco Bueno was able to utilize the depth of analytics in Blue Calypso’s unique Campaign Dashboard to track the distinct activity of the participants in the campaign,. In addition, they were able to use the Conversation Tracking tools to gain specific advocate insights.

Finally, the rich analytics provided by SOCIALECHO, empowered Taco Bueno to determine how many customers viewed the content, shared the offer, the geographic locations of sharing, and who were the most active sharing advocates of the offer. More importantly, SOCIALECHO’s “behind the walls” conversation tracking capability detailed all of the exact social media conversation threads from those sharing, and assisted Taco Bueno in gaining valuable new insights into their customers thoughts about the products, the restaurants, their desire for future products and restaurant locations.