The Challenge

As part of their mission to provide an extraordinary automotive purchase and ownership experience, Park Place recognizes consumers are utilizing mobile technology to engage with top brands. As one of the largest luxury car dealership groups, the company aspires to deliver customers a distinguished, best-in-class mobile experience by leveraging the personal devices of customers and potential buyers.

“We understand consumers want as much information as possible when purchasing a vehicle,” said Rob Sumner, Director of Marketing at Park Place Dealerships. “Through the use of Blue Calypso’s technology, we believe we can effortlessly deliver this need to each shopper in real-time to help accelerate the buying process as well as help consumers make a smarter purchasing decision.”

Our Solutions

With the help of Blue Calypso’s unique marketing platform, ParkPlace utilized an SMS marketing strategy to engage to potential buyers. Periodically, a different luxury vehicle was to be strategically placed in areas with the heaviest foot traffic at an affluent North Texas shopping mall. These display vehicles exhibited a sign inviting consumers to opt-in via text codes to receive special pricing or learn more about the vehicle. After texting in, they would receive a reply with a link and the option to join the text program. The link would take them to the vehicle specific landing page on ParkPlace’s mobile enabled site so all the information about that car was right at their fingertips.

Through this engagement, mall goers experienced a showroomesque atmosphere all in digital form, without straying from their weekend shopping trip. All the while, ParkPlace was able to use the Blue Calypso platform to capture real-time in-depth analytics such as location intelligence, reporting and insight on participant’s content interaction, attribution and conversion. The customer data obtained from those that opted in to the text program also allows ParkPlace with an opportunity to include these clients in future marketing initiatives and promotions.

Activations in First Weekend

During the first weekend of the vehicle showcased in the mall, there were 16 activations on the platform. This means that .76-.89 leads were generated per hour! Based on that, if that pace remained consistent over the course of a month ParkPlace could expect anywhere from 219-256 leads a month.

Even if that pace was cut in half, the lead estimate was still incredibly high at 108-128 leads a month. At the low cost of working with Blue Calypso, that would amount to just about $2 a lead on average which is significantly lower than the auto industry average of $27 cost per lead across all mediums1.

By working with Blue Calypso, ParkPlace is able to capture real-time, in-depth analytics such as location intelligence, reporting and insight on participant’s content interaction. The comprehensive analytics will allow Park Place to access key information relevant for marketing purposes, including post-click engagement, foot traffic, pre and post-visit engagement and demographics. This actionable data will give Park Place more insight to deliver relevant and personalized content marketing, which is what consumers have come to expect from such a well respected dealership.