The Challenge

As part of their ongoing efforts to maximize efficiency, a Blue Calypso partner agency was exploring new ways of tracking in-store installation compliance. The agency’s process was typically done through handwritten surveys and if photos were required, they were simply emailed. From there, the manual process of collecting and analyzing the data using spreadsheets could be very arduous and time consuming.

Not only was this manual process tedious, but it also created lag time between when the in-store signage was installed and when the data was officially recorded and analyzed for compliance. Without the ability to report issues in real-time (such as missing or damaged parts), there was very little timely actionable data. This lag time along with the margin for human error that comes with any manual process involving paperwork and data entry, left the agency exposed to many potential inefficiencies.

According to the A.R.E | POPAI 2015 Compliance Initiative Mass Merchant Study, only 40% of displays are executed compliantly as planned and over half of planned displays are not executed at all. The same study shows that during promotions, stores with display executed compliantly as planned saw a 193% incremental sales lift. This data makes it apparent that when in-store displays are not installed correctly, it can have a major impact on ROI. This is the problem POPTrak was created to solve.

Our Solutions

Together with Blue Calypso, the agency launched a POPTrak workflow to track the installation of signage at 236 Academy store locations over the course of about 3 weeks. A team of 6 installers were instructed to validate each installation using POPTrak instead of the handwritten surveys that were normally required.

Each display unit was sent with in-packaging instructions directing the installer to activate the display using SMS short code messaging. Once they received the location-specific POPTrak link, they were guided through a few easy-to-follow steps to validate the installation at each location. The steps involved reporting damages or missing parts (if any), uploading a photo for each display installation (3 signs at each location), uploading a photo of the manager’s sign off, and then answering 10 survey questions all through POPTrak’s mobile interface. The entire POPTrak validation process took no longer than 5 mins to complete from start to finish.

Installation Compliance
  • All installations were photo validated so the agency could visually ensure that the signage was installed correctly.
  • Through POPTrak’s powerful reporting, the agency could see in real-time which locations were completed and which locations were still pending, allowing them to more effectively manage the expected timeline of installations.
  • The agency’s installers were able to report 13 damaged/missing pieces in real-time, which allowed the agency to take immediate action.
  • POPTrak streamlined the installation validation process saving the agency hours of time that would have been spent manually collecting data and organizing into spreadsheets.