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We Got The Power: How Millennials Are Driving Consumer-First Experiences

I’ve been in a few meetings over the past months where grumbling about Millennials has been an underlying theme. So entitled. Easily sidetracked. Need extra praise. Okay, some of these things may be true on a superficial level, but the Millennial generation has shown us, as consumers, the power we have that we now take for granted. Even we Gen Xers appreciate the influence that Millennials have insisted on, without…
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Barbadillo boosts engagement rate 4x with NFC-connected bottles

Barbadillo, a Spanish winemaker, boosted sales from a marketing campaign in which some 126,000 bottles were packaged with near-field communication (NFC) technology for users to interact with via smartphone, according to a press release. Thirty percent of consumers who tapped the bottles in a store to see more product information on their mobile device went on to buy the wine. Norwegian packaging company Thinfilm equipped the neck of bottles with its SpeedTap tags…
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A New Generation of Shoppers Offers Hope for Brick and Mortar

Gen Z doesn't write off in-store shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. As teens and young adults increasingly become a key target for retailers, one big question has been the relationship this so-called digital native group has with brick-and-mortar stores. It turns out the relationship is not bad at all and the group, broadly described as Gen Z, is far  from abandoning physical stores despite their reliance on digital devices and digital…
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Retail Employees Should Start (Smart)Phoning It In

Mobile devices at retail locations increased both sales and consumer satisfaction Retail customers are known for using their smartphones in-store to get product information and compare prices. But new research shows employees of retail stores are increasingly using mobile devices on the job, sometimes for the same reasons. In a survey conducted in September, publishing network Retail TouchPoints found that more than half (56%) of US retailers gave their employees some type…
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The future of mobile engagement is here… kind of

Mobile engagement. It’s a fun, often unexplained, often overused phrase we hear tossed around in the marketing and advertising industry. But what is mobile engagement? And, how is it changing? Before we look to the future, let’s take a step back. For years, brands have been trying to wrap their heads around the best way to reach mobile consumers. They’ve done it by creating apps, rolling out mobile ad campaigns…
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Understanding Teens and Their Smartphone Habits

Yes, teens are digital natives. But that’s just half the story of what makes teen life so different now from a generation ago. Coming of age at a time when smartphone ownership is the norm, today’s teens are mobile natives as well. The constant connectedness a smartphone enables—or imposes—is a central fact of life for them. Though teens still lag behind young adults, a large majority now have smartphones. And…
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Study: Push notifications boost in-app spending by 16%

Brief: Marketers using promotional push notifications drive 9.6x as many users to make a purchase as the customers who didn't receive a message, according to a study from mobile marketing platform Leanplum made available to Mobile Marketer. Push notifications boost in-app spending by 16%, the study found. Response from app users is also affected by the day and time that a push notification is sent. Notifications sent on a Saturday result in…
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Generation Z Shows Little Loyalty to Loyalty Programs

Generation Z is only just beginning to make itself felt in the marketplace, but data suggests there are emerging differences with the millennial generation that preceded it. A survey by Lab42 found that Gen Z interacts with brands a little differently than millennials do. For instance, US Gen Z shoppers are far less likely to be motivated by loyalty programs, according to the June 2017 study. Nearly three in four…
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Marketers Say, ‘Don’t Overlook the In Store Experience’

igital marketing is critically important, but the more physical aspects of interacting with shoppers can’t be ignored. A new CMO Council survey of senior marketing executives found that various aspects of the overall in store experience of brick-and-mortar shopping, such as in store promotions, interactions with in-store representatives, and product packaging, are key elements of a strong omnichannel experience. The survey was commissioned by a group of companies in the marketing, packaging,…
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In Store Experience Alive and Well Among Millennials

So many loyalty marketers would love to know what exactly makes millennials tick from a customer engagement/customer experience perspective, what kinds of technology options they prefer, and where they like to shop. Like their Generation Z counterparts, millennials like to shop and engage with brands in-store as well as online, which means your loyalty program needs to be seamlessly integrated across digital and physical properties to accommodate your millennial customers.…