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Give Text Message Marketing A Chance

By: Andrew Levi, CEO of Blue Calypso It may seem passé, but text message marketing (or SMS marketing) still offers a variety of benefits for brands looking to engage consumers. From QR codes to branded apps, marketers are often tempted to jump on the hottest promotional tool of the moment. Depending on your target audience and campaign objectives, that tool may in fact be your best option, but it’s important…
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Money Wasted – Barriers to POP Display Efficacy

By: Stephanie Carson, CMO of Blue Calypso Despite all the hype about online shopping, consumers are still making the majority of their purchases at brick-and-mortar retailers, which means marketers need to use every inch of available in-store advertising space to the fullest. Point-of-purchase (POP) signage and displays are an increasingly important tool to help consumer brands cut through the clutter, stand out on retail shelves and improve category performance. When…
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In-Store Display Execution Compliance [Free Infographic]

By Vivian Pham, Director of Marketing and Client Services for Blue Calypso According to the POPAI 2014 Mass Merchant Study, 82% of purchase decisions are made in-store which is why it is crucial for manufacturers to develop and deploy the right point-of-purchase (POP) displays to influence and guide consumers on their path to purchase. If done right, POP displays can engage shoppers at the right place and the right time…
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The Power of POP Displays: Why Consumers Make Most Purchasing Decisions In Store

By: Andrew Levi, CEO of Blue Calypso The traditional shopping path to purchase is no longer a simple straight-line journey with five steps: awareness, familiarity, consideration, purchase and loyalty. These days, it is a web of interwoven arrows moving in all directions. There are a multitude of online and offline factors that influence consumers’ purchasing decisions throughout the process. Brands can no longer focus on one or even two channels…
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Pokémon Go for Retailers?

By: Andrew Levi, CEO of Blue Calypso While driving around, have you noticed more people outside standing in parks or on the street staring at their phones? The latest phenomenon, Pokémon Go, is creating a lot of buzz in the news right now as thousands of people of all ages are becoming obsessed with playing this augmented reality game 24/7. Pokémon Go takes the popular 90’s franchise into the 21st…
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A Brand’s Hidden Problem: Ineffective POP Display

By: Andrew Levi, CEO of Blue Calypso   Today, brands have numerous options when it comes to reaching their target audience via marketing efforts, including digital, broadcast, print and in-store opportunities. For years, in-store displays have taken a backseat to other methods that appear to be more successful in reaching consumers. For example, 76 percent of businesses use promoted posts and search engine marketing due to the prevalence of digital…
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Summer Travel — How Travel Organizations can Capitalize on Increased Traffic & Tourism via Mobile Solutions

By: Andrew Levi, CEO of Blue Calypso Gone are the days of Mapsco and printed city attraction lists. Nowadays when any consumer leaves their house, the chances that they have their smartphone on them is practically a guarantee, especially when traveling to a new city. Our smartphones have become a necessity and act as a sacred lifeline between us and the happenings of the lively city, cool restaurants nearby or…
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How Brands can Revolutionize Store Aisles via CPG Mobile Marketing

By: Andrew Levi, CEO of Blue Calypso The consumer purchase journey continues to become highly segmented with shoppers browsing multiple channels and engaging with more types of content than ever before on their smartphones. However, according to the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric, only 16 percent of consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands even use mobile advertising. With a growing “mobile only” internet population and an estimated 250 million mobile…
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Pros & Cons of Different Mobile Activation Methods

By Vivian Pham, Director of Marketing and Client Services of Blue Calypso As more and more business are learning how location-based marketing can drive revenue opportunities, it's becoming apparent that leveraging mobile is one of the most effective ways to do so. Not only does deploying a mobile engagement strategy allow for brands to tap into valuable shopper data, it also increases their opportunity to strengthen customer relationships. When trying to determine how to incorporate…
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Should We Be Worried About the Security of Beacons?

By: Andrew Levi, CEO of Blue Calypso If you are tuned into the technology world, then you might have heard that Make Magazine was able to hack into the CES 2016 beacons in January for the second time. By breaking into the Scavenger application source code, hackers were able to connect to the Radius Networks cloud service and obtain the list of beacons used at the show. Once the list…