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Millennial Baseball Fans Pair Watching With Mobile Activities

Fans no longer passively watch their favorite baseball teams. Instead, they are actively engaging with them and other fans through their mobile devices, according to Nielsen Sports. Just in time for All-Star Week, the research details how tradition and technology are merging when it comes to America's favorite pastime. Nielsen Sports SponsorLink research has found that fans associate the word “traditional” with Major League Baseball more so than any other…
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Touchie Feelie Top Draw For In Store Shopping

According to a new global study, “The State of Brick & Mortar: 2017,” which reveals consumer insights around the importance of in store Customer Experience as well as in store shopping behaviors, “… the tangible, tactile nature of brick and mortar is viewed as a very real advantage… as is the desire for instant gratification… “  said Scott Moore, Global Senior Vice President of marketing for Mood Media. Mood commissioned…
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Mobile is the area where brands can make significant inroads toward enhanced customer engagement and customer loyalty, according to Lee Moreau, director, loyalty marketing and captains club, Celebrity Cruises. “I think mobile is THE area where businesses can focus and should focus to garner attention to their products and services,” Moreau told Loyalty360. “We all live on our phones and can’t live without them, and these devices are usually the…
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Couponing In The Digital Age

Last weekend, I stopped into Target to pick up some sunblock. As I stood in the aisle scanning my options, I noticed a mom next to me with her daughter who appeared to be around 12 years old. The mom was also looking for sunblock but she had another digital tool at her disposal to help make her selection. The mom handed her daughter three difference sunblock bottles all from…
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Five Signs That Stores (Not E-Commerce) Are The Future Of Retail

To say that digital commerce is killing off physical stores is lazy thinking and a half-truth. On the contrary, pure-play online shopping is the imperiled model, evidenced by the lack of e-commerce-only retailers — save for Amazon and eBay — that have gained any meaningful heft and influence. Of course, e-commerce is informing how we shop, having an outsized impact on traditional retail: from the rise of buy online, pick…
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Millennial Men and Women Have Different Digital Coupon Habits

It’s no secret that millennial men and women are both cost-conscious, but women are more likely than men to search for online coupons when shopping via digital channels, according to data from coupon tracking service CouponFollow. The study found that many millennials search for coupons when shopping via their desktops. Roughly three-quarters of millennial women search for coupons when shopping there, compared to 65% of millennial men. Fewer millennials look…
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50% Of Video Plays On Mobile; 60% in 2017

According to The Ooyala Global Video Indexreport, more than 50% of all video plays were on mobile in 2016 for the first time; that number is expected to rise to 60% in 2017. In 2017, video has become the most critical content for any media organization. Data-driven video is now at the center of the media experience, and the industry winners of today and tomorrow have already figured that out.…
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The importance of the mobile customer experience grows by leaps and bounds on almost a daily basis. MomentFeed’s study, based on analysis of impression data gathered earlier this year from more than 50 national brand clients, examined the engagement of consumers with brands across mobile devices and digital networks, and across multiple sectors including restaurant chains, retailers, and consumer services businesses. With mobile influencing 56 percent of all offline sales…
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To Be Digital Think Mobile First

Facebook and Deloitte Digital, announcing a new alliance, are releasing data from a study conducted about the digital maturity of the marketing industry to help companies accelerate change within their own organizations to fully evolve into digital businesses. The study assessing the digital maturity of the marketing industry, says that, while digital has been a huge part of industry conversations for years, marketing organizations are not yet operating as digital…
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Shoppers Find Physical Stores Better for Customer Service

In-store offerings like easy returns and exchanges, better customer service and instant gratification trump the online shopping experience for many shoppers, according to market research firm TrendSource. In a March 2017 survey of internet users in North America, respondents who made electronics, fashion or home improvement purchases overwhelmingly thought that customer service and returns/exchanges were superior at physical stores. But online shopping also had advantages, according to the survey. A…