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Mobile Loyalty Programs Drive 62% Of Customers To Increase Store Visits

Mobile shoppers love deals and brands increasingly are offering more of them. Mobile is also driving loyalty program membership, which is then impacting what shoppers buy. This picture has changed over the last year, based on a new study. In the what-a-difference-a-year-makes department, most (64%) brands reported an increase in loyalty program membership over the last year and most of those cited the addition of mobile components as the biggest…
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Identifying Mobile Shoppers A Top Priority For 70% Of Retailers

Mobile commerce is not only in the hands of mobile shoppers. Retailers increasingly are looking to personalize shopping experiences by tapping into mobile technology to help them identify their customers. Identifying the customer and delivering a personalized experience is one of the top priorities of 70% of retailers, according to a new study by BRP Consulting. More than half (57%) of retailers say customer mobile experience alignment via mobile app,…
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Mobile Captures More Than Half Of All U.S. Internet Advertising Revenue For The First Time Ever, Total Digital Ad Spend Hits a Landmark $72.5 Billion in 2016

While Mobile Ad Revenue Soars to All-Time High of $36.6 Billion, Digital Video Surges to a Record $9.1 Billion, According to 2016 IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report NEW YORK, NY (April 26, 2017) — Mobile advertising accounted for more than half (51%) of the record-breaking $72.5 billion spent by advertisers last year, according to the latest IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, released today by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and…
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“The Retail Bubble Has Now Burst”: A Record 8,640 Stores Are Closing In 2017

The devastation in the US retail sector is accelerating in 2017, and in addition to the surging number of brick and mortar retail bankruptcies, it is perhaps nowhere more obvious than in the soaring number of store closures. While the shuttering of retail stores has been a frequent topic on this website, most recently in the context of the next "big short", namely the ongoing deterioration in the mall REITs…
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Location based marketing: The pitfalls and promise of retail campaigns

In a challenging retail environment, location-based marketing efforts to fuel foot traffic are mounting as early challenges get addressed. he premise of location-based mobile retail marketing sounds simple enough: find customers, send them compelling offers and see if they show up at stores and spend money. However, it's not quite that easy. Tools have to exist and be able to identify customers; customers have to want to be found and…
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Loyalty Programs: The Best Way to Reach Users Is Every Way

Consumers want a greater variety of ways to interact with their loyalty programs compared with their preferences from a year ago, according to data from mobile marketing company 3Cinteractive. Participants were asked to choose one channel through which they preferred to receive loyalty communications. Last year, communication preferences were dominated by two channels: texting and email. In 2016, nearly half of US internet users surveyed said they preferred to receive…
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Infographic: Multicultural Millennials Take Brand Loyalty Seriously

Multicultural millennials make up nearly half of the demographic. And new research from Buzz Marketing Group sheds light on media, tech and shopping trends coming from this segment. "When it comes to loyalty, multicultural millennials give as much as they get," said Buzz Marketing Group CEO and founder Tina Wells. "They know what they like, and aren't shy about sharing that information with their friends and contacts. "And they are…
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Why App Marketing Is a Game of Inches

App marketers may be flush with new downloads, but not everyone is equipped to make loyal users out of them. Ken Rudin, director of growth and analysis at Google, shares tips on how data can provide the insights needed to keep new users engaged and loyal. App marketers have come off the biggest download season of the year, but not all are set up for strong, sustainable growth. While some…
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Phone, Web, And Now Texting To Marketers

According to a blog by Coleen Ferrier and Rick Petry, reported by the ElectronicRetailing Association, text has emerged for consumers to reach out to marketers. The authors note that, for many years, direct response advertising has offered consumers two primary ways of reaching out to marketers: the telephone and the web. Now, text has emerged as a third powerful communicator, by their analysis. Convincing numbers, says the report, that support…
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Take Note, Brands: Trust, Engagement Drive Purchase Behavior For Millennial Consumers

Authenticity and transparency are today’s watchwords and have become synonymous with millennial audiences in our digital environment, the only environment millennials have ever really known. Consequently, brands are now able to connect with these always-on consumers in an unprecedented way. So what’s a brand to do in today’s environment that has shaped the expectations of the largest demographic pool in the U.S. to consistently look for authenticity, transparency and personal…