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Home Depot uses mobile to attract employees as well as customers

Home Depot, in an interesting twist, is leveraging mobile not to attract new customers but to attract new employees with a social video series and a mobile-optimized careers site. The brand is working on a number of digital and mobile innovations designed to attract potential employees and streamline the application process. This move is a great example of the ways mobile can work for brands outside of marketing and commercial…
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Even For Search Geeks, Mobile Display To Take A Big Chunk Of Ad Revenue

Mobile advertising grew 42% to $41 billion in 2016, and for the first time generated 55% of all online display advertising revenue, according to one estimate. By 2020, mobile will contribute 75% to online display ad revenue. IHS Markit released a white paper Sunday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, outlining some of the mobile worldwide trends that companies will see in 2017. Those trends include an uptick in display advertising, adoption…
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70% Of Retailers Investing In Beacons For Location-Based Marketing

Retailers are interested in adopting the Internet of Things in the coming years, and better customer experience is one of the driving forces. Bringing digital capabilities to the physical shopping experience is increasingly important, and retailers worldwide say the Internet of Things may be the way to do it, according to a new study. The study, conducted by Research Now and Qualtrics for Zebra Technologies, comprises a global survey of…
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Most Marketers Worldwide Have Personalization Strategies in Place

Customers have come to expect personalized marketing experiences across devices and channels. The good news is most marketers are in some phase of implementing a strategy to personalize campaigns and experiences—and this is happening worldwide. A December 2016 study from Monetate, which surveyed senior marketers from companies headquartered in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, North America and South America, found that 56% of respondents are in the process…
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NY Times continues mobile maneuvering with audio series, analysis via SMS program

The New York Times is showing no signs of slowing down in its commitment to bringing fact-based journalism to mobile with the debut of a new daily audio series, which will be supported by a subscription text service. The Daily premieres today on and the Times mobile applications, or users can subscribe on the podcast app of their choice. The show will be hosted by established Times correspondent Michael…
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It’s Time For Marketers To Take A Fresh Look At Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs aren’t working like they used to and marketers need to take a fresh look at their respective strategies to ensure success, according to a new report from Accenture Strategy. As a result, the report shows, companies are wasting billions of dollars annually. Marketers must pay attention to the new factors driving customer loyalty in the digital age or risk losing customers for good, the report notes. The…
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The Retail Revolution Is Now

Retailers today are confronted by a more complex and diverse business environment. With more information at the hands of consumers, new ways they engage with products and brands and a more dynamic competitive landscape, traditional retail is going through a period that is more akin to a revolution than an evolution. The old guard of retailers will need to take drastic measures to remain relevant in this new retail order…
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Many Consumers Are Open to Beacons

Beacons have not yet been adopted by most US retailers, but consumers are open to the idea of retailers using in-store technologies to monitor their behavior in-store—if there’s something in it for them. Beacons use Bluetooth technology to detect consumers’ smartphones and send them ads, coupons or other product information. A November 2016 survey of US internet users from TimeTrade found that nearly half of respondents don’t mind being monitored…
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How Apps Could Finally Take Flight for Marketers

Mobile is a complex marketing channel, and it's difficult to truly normalize or standardize a strategic approach to it. Nevertheless, it's one of the strongest channels for marketing because of its consistently high user engagement. Last year saw AR, live streaming, and other forms of interactive video dominate mobile, and many of the discussions around it. This year's major mobile shake-up has yet to reveal itself, but marketers can rest…