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Airport Adds 2,000 Beacons, Augmented Reality Wayfinding

Beacons at retail have been chugging along in various tests and trials, with some large deployments. The promise of beacons in that context has been the ability to deliver more relevant messaging based on location or to gather information-based location insights for later or other uses. However, when used as a service, beacons can be used to help people get around. That’s just what the U.K.’s Gatwick Airport did, by…
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Marketers Love Loyalty Programs. Few Do Them Right

From Kohl’s and Ulta to Starbucks and Panera, retailers and other marketers are investing heavily in loyalty programs, which they see as a key part of their growth strategy to hook today’s increasingly fickle and disloyal consumers to spend within their brand universe. And for a good reason: Loyalty drives traffic and sales. Take Ulta Beauty. On Thursday the beauty supplies retailer reported another industry-envied double digit comparable sales gain…
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Mobile First to Mobile Always: Create the Right Customer Experience

To say that today’s consumers are mobile is an understatement. When consumers started shopping online, desktop was the only option but in 2015, time spent on mobile devices surpassed time spent on desktops. Now, a new wave of consumers is entering the market, and their fingers rarely, if ever, touch a traditional keyboard. According to Harvard Business Review, the next billion people to become connected will do so using only…
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City Furniture To Use Beacons, Data To Personalize In-Store Experiences

With a long history in finance, City Furniture CIO and CFO Steve Wilder is the brainchild behind the retailer's latest move to modernize marketing and advertising techniques through technology, data and in-store beacons. The plan is to roll out the beacons to City Furniture showrooms. While there's no timeline to implement the beacon technology, Wilder said the plan is to pull in data from consumers who have opted-in and create…
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55% of retailers focusing on unified mobile experience

More than half of retailers are focused on optimizing the customer experience by creating a unified mobile shopping experience. As the future of retail becomes the present, consumers expect retailers to combine the sensory of the physical world with the personalized shopping experience of the digital world. Boston Retail Partners (BRP) conducted the 2017 Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey, categorizing customer experience capabilities as the following: educate, engage, execute, enhance and enablers. When it comes to…
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QR codes are back! But are they really better than before?

Following their flameout several years ago, QR codes are having another moment as major platforms and brands get behind them. Pepsi, Jeep, Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook Messenger, Spotify. The list of brands and platforms recently making a commitment to QR codes is impressive, especially considering that not too long ago they were widely disparaged as unattractive and not useful for either consumers or marketers. The return of QR codes reflects how…
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Personalization Is at the Heart of CVS’s ExtraCare Loyalty Program

The pharmacy retailer's VP of loyalty and personalization discusses how the brand drives relevancy through data-driven marketing. When CVS Caremark rebranded as CVS Health (CVS) in 2014, it pledged to help customers venture down the road to better health. But it looks like the pharmacy retailer could use a bit of a checkup. While the brand reported a 3% net revenue increase in Q1 2017, it also experienced a 3.8%…
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The Millennial In-Store Experience – They Like Coupons!

You’ve heard the stereotypes. Those youngsters are glued to their phones and don’t appreciate the simple idea of walking into a brick-and-mortar shop. After all, they could just type a few keystrokes and have whatever they want delivered from myriad online retailers. And this is all reinforced by many retailers reporting declining sales year over year. So isn’t it curious when you hear reports that millennials actually prefer shopping in-store? …
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Omnichannel Experiences: Creating Online And In-Store Moments That Matter To Millennials

Mobile marketers, take note: Millennials already live in an omnichannel shopping mindset. In fact, they were living in this mindset years before most businesses realized they needed to adjust operating models accordingly. These young shoppers carry with them the central expectation that a spectrum of seamless and consistent online and offline engagements will be the norm across their shopping journey. The goal of omnichannel marketing is not to create multiple…
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Mobile Loyalty Programs Drive 62% Of Customers To Increase Store Visits

Mobile shoppers love deals and brands increasingly are offering more of them. Mobile is also driving loyalty program membership, which is then impacting what shoppers buy. This picture has changed over the last year, based on a new study. In the what-a-difference-a-year-makes department, most (64%) brands reported an increase in loyalty program membership over the last year and most of those cited the addition of mobile components as the biggest…