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Marketers Should Leverage the Consumer Decision Journey along with Mobile

According to the Mobile Marketing Association’s Mobile Shopper Marketing Committee, the role of the smartphone in retail deserves a much closer look. The ensuing white paper evaluates the buying process through a specific framework: McKinsey’s “Consumer Decision Journey,” the result of a 2009 study which reframed how marketers should view a customer’s path to purchase. McKinsey examined over 20,000 qualitative and quantitative purchase decisions across five industries and three continents…
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Spanish winemaker uses NFC in major promotional campaign

Spanish luxury winemaker Barbadillo has added promotional neck collars equipped with NFC tags to 126,000 bottles of its best-selling Castillo de San Diegowhite wine for a nationwide campaign that gives customers the chance to win a €1,000 (US$1,172) prize. The campaign is believed to be the world’s largest deployment of NFC within the wine and spirits industry to date. “Through a customised NFC-enabled neck collar, consumers are instructed to tap…
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SMS Marketing is Under-utilized

According to Digital Marketing Writer Chris Camps for ClickZ, SMS marketing, a channel with a host of potential benefits has fallen out of favor recently with marketers in the US and Europe. But with benefits like immediacy: messages are delivered to phones within seconds of being sent; direct to individuals, forcing them to engage; and, high open rate, with 82% of recipients opening immediately, why should Short Message Service be…
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Retail is Evolving and With it, Omnichannel Marketing

Is there a real decline in the first place? Perhaps retail is simply evolving, and with it, omnichannel marketing. Whether or not brick-and-mortar retail is truly dying off is debatable. Yes, flagship retailers like Macy's and JCPenney are shuttering stores around the country, and shopping malls seem to be turning into derelict lots overnight. However, evolving digital technologies like beacons and VR continue to offer retailers new opportunities to bridge…
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Personalized Experiences Perk Retail Performance

According to a new study by KIBO, however you define conversions, whether by revenue, downloads, or sign ups, the right personalization will dramatically improve them. Forrester Research finds that 68% of firms in a Forrester survey state that delivering personalized experiences is a priority. When done correctly, retailers who implement personalization will drive higher net promoter scores (NPS), more loyal customers, and ultimately more sales, says the report. Personalization has…
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Brick and Mortar Stores and Mobile Phone Dependent Consumers

As brick-and-mortar retailers seek to turn their physical stores into an asset instead of a liability to compete against online retailers, they will need to make sure they are heeding the demands of today’s increasingly mobile phone dependent consumers. For one, while studies have showed in-store shopping remains important to a majority of shoppers, an International Council of Shopping Centers survey released on Monday showed that more than three-fifths of…
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Millennials more likely to be motivated by loyalty offers than Gen Z

Gen Z is only just beginning to make itself felt in the marketplace, but data suggests there are emerging differences with the millennial generation that preceded it. A survey by Lab42 found that Gen Z interacts with brands a little differently than millennials do. For instance, US Gen Z shoppers are far less likely to be motivated by loyalty programs, according to the June 2017 study. Nearly three in four…
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Targeting a mobile consumer and not a phone number

Brands are increasingly moving mobile into their mainstream marketing and customer relationship management programs. However, one challenge remains around mobile database management: How do marketers effectively understand who their mobile consumers really are? Despite the explosive growth in smartphones and smartphone applications, standard text messaging is still the gold standard in mobile engagement due to the fact that it is the simplest way to communicate with mobile consumers. Read more…
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Millennial Baseball Fans Pair Watching With Mobile Activities

Fans no longer passively watch their favorite baseball teams. Instead, they are actively engaging with them and other fans through their mobile devices, according to Nielsen Sports. Just in time for All-Star Week, the research details how tradition and technology are merging when it comes to America's favorite pastime. Nielsen Sports SponsorLink research has found that fans associate the word “traditional” with Major League Baseball more so than any other…
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Touchie Feelie Top Draw For In Store Shopping

According to a new global study, “The State of Brick & Mortar: 2017,” which reveals consumer insights around the importance of in store Customer Experience as well as in store shopping behaviors, “… the tangible, tactile nature of brick and mortar is viewed as a very real advantage… as is the desire for instant gratification… “  said Scott Moore, Global Senior Vice President of marketing for Mood Media. Mood commissioned…