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Mobile is integral to the consumers that marketers look to reach

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NEW YORK — A panel of executives in advertising discussed mobile’s role in its development at Mobile FirstLook 2017, including academic perspectives on adjusting to what moderator Jerry Wind described as “Five Forces of Change” which greatly affect marketers today.

The “Do Not Call It a Phone: Marketers’ New Mobile Perspectives Beyond Advertising” panel included Tina Wung, global director of innovation at Anheuser-Busch InBev; Hardy Johnson, director of advanced advertising at Atlice USA/Cablevision; Mitchell Reichgut, CEO of Jun Group and Mr. Wind, Lauder professor of marketing at The Wharton School. Mr. Wind began the panel by delineating his “Five Forces of Change,” comprised of: Science and Technology; a Refined Media Landscape; Skeptical and Empowered Consumers; Cultural, Social, and Geopolitical Environments; and New Business and Revenue Models.
“Increasingly, mobile is not just a device, it’s a part of us.” Mr. Wind said. “How do we start dealing with mobile and thinking about mobile in light of the fact that it’s an integral part of the people we’re dealing with?”
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Whole Foods Talks Up Its Mobile Promotions

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We tend to look to brands like Whole Foods Market to be a harbinger of technology adoption. It was one of the first national stores to adopt Apple Pay, and it has an upscale, millennial-oriented demographic for digital, mobile marketing.

Left to its own devices, Whole Foods would probably just act cool and let customers come to it. But in recent years, it has been besieged in the organic grocery space by Kroger, Costco, Walmart and others. Its response? Ramp up advertising and other marketing, including digital coupon efforts such as card-linked-offers that are sent to consumers based on their purchase habits.

Read more at: http://localonliner.com/2017/01/26/whole-foods-talks-up-its-mobile-promotions/?mc_cid=288d1572d3&mc_eid=8dbdc09f6e

Location-targeted mobile ad spend will reach $32B by 2021

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Location-targeted mobile ad spend is expected to make up 45 percent of mobile ad spending by the year 2021, according to a new report on the subject from BIA/Kelsey.
As mobile penetration grows, marketers will continually turn towards location-targeting as a way to optimize their mobile ad spend dollars. The number represents a 17 percent compound annual growth rate between now and 2021.
“The smartphone revolution turns ten this year, and we’ve come a long way,” said Mike Boland, chief analyst of BIA/Kelsey and author of the report. “But many are far behind, still operating with a desktop mindset.”
Read more at: http://www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/research/24374.html

Mobile Driving Marketing Spend Among SMBs

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Largely driven by their interest in mobile, 70% of small- and medium-sized businesses plan to up their digital marketing investments this year.

That’s according a new survey of some 200 domestic SMBs, which was commissioned by email marketing platform GetResponse.

Among that 70% share, half cited mobile as the main reason for their budget increases.

“Mobile marketing is increasingly important given the surging content consumption numbers across smartphones and tablets,” Simon Grabowski, founder and CEO of GetResponse, notes in the new report.

Read more at: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/293315/mobile-driving-marketing-spend-among-smbs.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=readmore&utm_campaign=99798&hashid=8ZeRfPhY1NKzJv9cWDC22pNJc3g

Kohl’s is working on a gradual mobile app transformation, says exec

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NEW YORK — While Amazon may have the luxury of diving straight into ambitious retail projects, Kohl’s is focusing on slow but continuous innovations of its retail experience, according to an executive from the company.

Speaking at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show, the executive from Kohl’s spoke about some of the mobile technologies that the company is using to transform its retail experience, as well as the challenges that traditional retailers face. Those changes need to be slow and steady to maintain stability in a changing mobile world.

“The question is about whether that experience is right for Kohl’s,” said Ratnakar Lavu, chief technology officer at Kohl’s. “We want to be customer centric.

“What does our customer actually want? Do we want to take on a four year project to transform the store? No I don’t think so.

“But we want to understand the experience and continually transform.”

Read more at: http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com/kohls-is-working-on-a-gradual-mobile-transformation-says-exec

3 ways retailers can merge digital and physical store strategies

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If you are a multichannel retailer, you probably do the majority of your business in your bricks-and-mortar stores. Sure, people love shopping online, but data shows that shoppers still have a preference for in-store shopping, with 51 percent preferring to buy in-store because they can see and feel products before buying, according to GfK.
Is your ecommerce team excited to send customers to your retail locations if the customer is close by? Are your sales associates equally happy to recommend a product that is only available online? If you cannot answer an emphatic “yes” to both of these questions, your organization is not thinking customer-first.
Your customers do not care about your channels — it has become normal for consumers to start a transaction in one location and finish it elsewhere, per Payment Source. They demand a unified brand experience everywhere they engage with you — in the store and online. You need to be one team working together to deliver an amazing experience.
Here are some ways you can do that…
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Baby Boomers And The Mobile Push To Action

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Mobile devices have irreversibly altered the consumer path to purchase. Regardless of things like age, gender, location and income, mobile devices give everyone the same ability to connect with the world of information, entertainment, commerce and more.

When looking to engage with mobile users, however, marketers need to understand that demographic differences can impact how we approach those connected capabilities. It’s these variations in preferences and behaviors that necessitate generationally sensitive approaches.

When approaching Baby Boomers, marketers need to consider that the group didn’t grow up with glowing screens in their pockets and the world of information at their fingertips. According to AARP, adults born between 1946 and 1964 remain less likely to own a smartphone than do their Millennial and Gen X counterparts. Perhaps it’s a result of holding a “wait and see” attitude based on decades witnessing the rise and fall of different technologies (Betamax or 8-track tapes, anyone?). Still, the majority of boomers, 60.7%, now use smartphones.

Still, these devices are rather recent entries into Baby Boomers’ lives, and as a result they view and use them differently. First, they often exercise greater caution when it comes to mobile interaction. Second, they may use their mobile as if it were just a little PC, which affects what functions they do and don’t use. For marketers looking to engage, I offer one way to confront both issues: Push messaging.

Read more at: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/292956/baby-boomers-and-the-mobile-push-to-action.html#reply?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=comment&utm_campaign=99657

Omni-Channel Marketing Meets Consumer Engagement

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Omni-channel marketing seeks to provide the consumer a seamless shopper experience whether in-store, online, desktop or mobile. Retail marketers like Starbucks, Sephora, and Crate & Barrel have made moving towards this goal a priority, investing in processes and platforms to ensure consumers enjoy a familiar and consistent interaction whether brick, click, swipe or scan. As this continues to become the norm, consumers will expect frictionless interactions with all brands.

This sets the bar high for CPG marketers, where a seamless experience remains a challenge. Some marketers are making strides because they’ve adopted an integrated approach to consumer engagement. Others who keep their marketing teams siloed and focused on short-term reactive programs will struggle. Social Engagement, Shopper, Influencer, CRM, Loyalty and other touchpoints aren’t united around the customer, decreasing efficiencies and sending multiple, conflicting, or inappropriately timed messages.

Read more at: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/292955/omni-channel-marketing-meets-consumer-engagement.html#reply?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=comment&utm_campaign=99658

7 trends that will disrupt and define retail in 2017

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These are the best of times for retail. The industry is coming off a record-setting holiday shopping season that formally kicked off with Black Friday online sales of $3.34 billion — an all-time high, up 21.6% year over year. In all, holiday spending surged 3.8% to $196.1 billion in 2016, the strongest rate of growth since 2011, research firm Conlumino found. Both physical and online channels witnessed growth, with online spending soaring 17.1% over the prior year.

These are also the worst of times for retail. National chains including Macy’s, Sears, J.C. Penney’s, Kohl’s and Barnes & Noble all suffered absolutely brutal holiday seasons, calling into question what — if anything — they can do to right the ship and compete more effectively in an increasingly digital world.

Expect more trouble and turmoil for legacy retailers in 2017, experts say. But stay on the lookout for savvy merchants to leverage their physical stores in new, compelling ways, and watch for technology to continue to disrupt virtually every facet of the shopping experience — in stores, online and in between.

Here are the seven trends poised to dominate retail as the year unfolds.

Read more at: http://www.retaildive.com/news/7-trends-that-will-disrupt-and-define-retail-in-2017/433542/

Despite mobile savviness, 98pc of Gen Z still shop in-store

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While the youngest generation of shoppers is the one most accustomed to life online, a report from IBM shows that shopping in-store is still important to them, with 98 percent making purchases at a physical store.

This piece of data will be helpful for retailers looking to target Generation Z as they grow into marketable consumers. While mobile will remain paramount to targeting them, it will have to work in tandem with physical shopping experiences.

“Generation Z expects technology to be intuitive, relevant and engaging — their last great experience is their new expectation,” said Steve Laughlin, IBM general manager of global consumer industries. “This presents a significant challenge for retailers and brands to create a personalized, interactive experience with the latest digital advances or risk falling behind. This kind of innovation is not linear or a one-time project — it is a new way of thinking, operating and behaving.”

Read more at: http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com/despite-mobile-savviness-98pc-of-gen-z-still-shop-in-store