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Touchie Feelie Top Draw For In Store Shopping

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According to a new global study, “The State of Brick & Mortar: 2017, which reveals consumer insights around the importance of in store Customer Experience as well as in store shopping behaviors, “… the tangible, tactile nature of brick and mortar is viewed as a very real advantage… as is the desire for instant gratification… “  said Scott Moore, Global Senior Vice President of marketing for Mood Media.

Mood commissioned the survey to better understand what influences consumers’ decisions to choose brick & mortar over online shopping, what they most enjoy and don’t enjoy about the in-store experience, and what most motivates them in the physical store. The study also explores the influence of a store’s atmosphere, including music, on the overall shopping experience as well as how consumers are using their mobile devices while shopping.

Moore continues, “… consumers are increasingly comfortable shopping in an omnichannel world, yet there are still key differences that steer shoppers toward one channel over another… consumers, particularly younger consumers, aren’t just buying a product when in-store; they’re buying an experience. And their expectations for a positive, emotionally engaging experience are quite high…”

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Couponing In The Digital Age

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Last weekend, I stopped into Target to pick up some sunblock. As I stood in the aisle scanning my options, I noticed a mom next to me with her daughter who appeared to be around 12 years old. The mom was also looking for sunblock but she had another digital tool at her disposal to help make her selection.

The mom handed her daughter three difference sunblock bottles all from three different manufacturers and she said, “Scan these on the Target app on my phone and see which one has a coupon offer.” Her daughter obliged and when one of the three options showed a discount, that was the one she threw into her cart. She put the other two bottles back on the shelf and moved on.

While over the last 40 years, it was not uncommon to see moms huddled around kitchen tables, scissors in hand, clipping coupons, not only is coupon usage on the rise but the methods for using coupons are increasingly moving to digital.

Valassis reported in their “Coupon Intelligence Report” that the percentage of consumers who say that they prefer to receive their discounts on their smartphone/mobile device has increased 33% from 2016 to 2017! And retailers like Target are making it easier than ever for shoppers to access and use coupons through their coupon apps like Cartwheel.

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Five Signs That Stores (Not E-Commerce) Are The Future Of Retail

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To say that digital commerce is killing off physical stores is lazy thinking and a half-truth.

On the contrary, pure-play online shopping is the imperiled model, evidenced by the lack of e-commerce-only retailers — save for Amazon and eBay — that have gained any meaningful heft and influence.

Of course, e-commerce is informing how we shop, having an outsized impact on traditional retail: from the rise of buy online, pick up in-store perks to the fact that Amazon is now the second biggest seller of consumer electronics after Best Buy.

But the spate of retail bankruptcies, store closings and liquidations doesn’t mean consumers have traded in bricks for clicks. They reflect a mixed brew of factors, including a vastly overstored retail landscape still sized for a pre e-commerce/pre Great Recession shopping mindset, just as consumers buy fewer tangible things, like a new purse, opting for more experiential purchases, like a dinner out.

Shoppers Find Physical Stores Better for Customer Service

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In-store offerings like easy returns and exchanges, better customer service and instant gratification trump the online shopping experience for many shoppers, according to market research firm TrendSource.

In a March 2017 survey of internet users in North America, respondents who made electronics, fashion or home improvement purchases overwhelmingly thought that customer service and returns/exchanges were superior at physical stores.

But online shopping also had advantages, according to the survey. A majority of respondents said that product availability, as well as product variety and selection, were superior on digital platforms when compared with physical store locations.

For example, nearly three-quarters of fashion and electronics shoppers thought the availability of products was better online than in-store.

Read more at: https://retail.emarketer.com/article/shoppers-find-physical-stores-better-customer-service-ease-of-returns/592dd6dbebd400097ccd5fe8?ecid=NL1014