Blue Calypso helps companies launch content through Social Media, generating significantly higher ROI than traditional advertising. Our world class analytics help companies track, monitor, and analyze the spread of their messages through the most popular Social Media channels, leading to higher awareness, higher sales, and a better return on investment.

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POPSHARE™, the newest addition to the Blue Calypso product line is an applet that resides on client websites and offers consumers the ability to personalize then share brand content across their (major) social media channels.

Marketers spend significant time and money acquiring new fans, followers and customers. Why not turn those advocates into vocal endorsers of your brand? According to Forrester, Word of Mouth marketing is the most trusted form of advertising.

EMGAGE™ enables companies to focus on corporate content and promotional delivery through their employees’ social networks.

DashTAGG is a unique social mobile game of “tag” where players take pictures of each other to earn points and win prizes. The game is geared to increase event participation and interaction while growing visitor-to-buyer conversion rates.

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